MondoCon 2015 Posters: A Complete Gallery of All The New Art
Lines – MondoCon never felt uncomfortably cramped or unnavigable. If any event was purely designed to make you scream “Shut up and take my money!”, it’s this one and the money-spendng process was very easy indeed.

Much of the credit for the easy experience must go to the volunteers. Friendly and generally well-informed, they kept this whole unwieldy thing ticking. If MondoCon had any serious growing pains, they were never too obvious.

So yes, if you’re a fan of Mondo’s work or a pop culture junkie in general, MondoCon is very cool and worth a visit, especially if you have cash to burn. Bouts of shopping can be broken up by attending the various panels and film screenings. Meals can be purchased via the waistline-expanding food trucks parked outside. It’s certainly a good time, although casual fans should think twice before making a lengthy trek. Can you spend two days perusing posters, talking to artists, and attending the occasional panel dedicated to how collectible toys are designed and created? Does that sound appealing? If so, this is the event for you.


Conserving Cultural Landscapes, Challenges and New Directions
412 pages
Conserving Cultural Landscapes, Challenges and New Directions
Creator: Ken Taylor, Archer St. Clair, Nora J. Mitchell | Social Science - 2014-09-19

Challenges and New Directions Ken Taylor, Archer St. Clair, Nora J. Mitchell. in the 1980s, produced a poster for Heritage Day that needed no caption asit simply juxtaposed a richly detailed Victorian house withthe threatening imageofa ...

Zen Pencils, Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks
144 pages
Zen Pencils, Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks
Creator: Gavin Aung Than | Humor - 2014-11-11

Gavin Aung Than and his genius of Zen Pencils gives us that together, and so much more." -–Chris Hadfield, retired astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station "If you read this book and don't get a lump in your ...

Hitchcock Poster Art, From the Mark H. Wolff Collection
127 pages
Hitchcock Poster Art, From the Mark H. Wolff Collection
Creator: Mark H. Wolff, Tony Nourmand | Film posters - 1999

... Ken Taylor X-Man Front Cover: Psycho (1960) Paramount British 30 x 40 in. ( 76 x 102 cm) (Style B) Back Cover: The Birds/ Psycho (Ptaci/ Psycho) (c. 1960s) Universal Czech 33 x 23 in. (84 x 58 cm) The Reel Poster Gallery 72 Westbourne  ...

Ken Taylor Poster?

The opening pyro comes on and there is a huge pop, there is a table in the ring.

Out comes Hogan and Bischoff who say welcome to the first of our pay per views, now free world wide, but $15 for HD.

A: TNA Epics...

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